The purpose of this site is to recall and record members of the IBSA (International Bible Students Association) who were conscientious objectors in Britain in World War One. These men, who represented only a small number among the conscientious objectors of the period, would not have claimed to have been part of any 'peace movement'. But it cannot be denied that they made a significant contribution to peace by refusing to fight against fellow humans of other nations. In so doing they inspired others who would face the might of the military during World War 1 and laid the groundwork for Jehovah's Witnesses' objection to military service in World War 2.

IBSA men at Wormwood Scrubs c. 1918

Without a doubt the role of these early Bible Students and modern day Jehovah's Witnesses in resisting the call to Military Service has been greatly underestimated in Peace Studies. As a result, Martin Ceadal concluded that their "leading role in refusing military service" during the 20th century "has not received the recognition it deserves" and another source noted they "have suffered more than the members of any religion" in the century "for their refusal to perform military service." For the Sake of the Kingdom tells just a fraction of their story.

It is hoped that this website will provide you with valuable information and will encourage you to investigate further into the history of the IBSA conscientious objectors. We also would welcome any input from your own research which will help us to learn more about these brave men who endured many hardships "for the sake of the Kingdom".