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The author, Gary Perkins, has been a Jehovah's Witness for the last 33 years. Due to a strong interest in the heritage of his faith, in his spare time he researches this and recognised some years ago that little has ever been compiled - by specialists or non-specialists - about the history of the early Bible Students who made a strong stand against war. He hopes that the information he gathers will slowly change the way that early Bible Students are perceived and gain them deserved recognition for the courageous stand they took. Further study is needed in this subject, which may yet prove to be of useful precursor in understanding the later stands Jehovah's Witnesses took against more extreme governments who tried to impose their will on them, such as those in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Please feel free to email me by clicking here.

Important Note

The site serves a historical purpose rather than one attempting any Biblical interpretation, although Scriptures are referred to in passing to explain the basis of the Bible Student's stand. It has not been created for the purpose of debating opinions, or to somehow 'supplement' encouragement given by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (as if this were somehow necessary!) Consequently, e-mails and correspondence sent to the author should only be related to the purpose of the site i.e. to aid research into the stand of Bible Students in World War One. Non-related issues will not be replied to. If you have an interest in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, may we respectfully direct you to the official website www.jw.org the most reliable source of information on the subject.

How Can I Help?

Do you have access to any of your Congregation's early records or can you ask an older brother or sister associated with your Congregation for many years if they are aware of any early Bible Students who were conscientious objectors in World War One? If so, 'For the Sake of the Kingdom' would like to hear from you about any information you may have. These details will be checked against extensive existing records of known conscientious objectors from the period. Unverified names will be kept in a 'hearsay' file awaiting further confirmation whereas verified details will be added to the above listing.

'Daily Heavenly Manna' Records

One rich source of information which can prove useful is the records of names and dates of birth of male Bible Students available in the early 'Daily Heavenly Manna' records. These names can be cross checked against extensive names of known conscientious objectors of the period enabling some to be identified as Bible Students, although it is possible that some were conscientious objectors before they became Bible Students. Do you have access to a 'Daily Heavenly Manna' book, perhaps existing in your Kingdom Hall library? If so, please contact the author using the e-mail address noted.

Recommended website:


The Peace Pledge Union's website is without doubt the most informative and well researched source on the subject of conscientious objection. If you have knowledge of any non IBSA conscientious objectors from World War One, or would like to find out about a relative who was a conscientious objector from this time, please could you direct your enquiries to archives@ppu.org.uk.